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Leif in Canada says ”We looked at several models of pipe and tube benders but for the value, the Big Brute was the BEST! It gives us the best of both worlds in large and small bending capabilities and is easy to operate.”

John in California says “We used to job all of our square tubing out to other people, but now since we purchased a Big Brute, we do it all in-house and with the savings our machine will pay for itself in less than a year.”

Lyle in Arizona says . “Since we started using the Big Brute pipe and tube bender we now can do our own sand rail building from the ground up and the die sets are much less expensive than other companies’ Great quality!”

Kevin in North Carolina says “We run a small fabricating shop with limited space and we needed some smaller quality built fab equipment. The Fab11 line fit our needs’ portability, power, easy-to-use and the price was right.”

James in New York says . “Our sheet metal business is growing and we already have a large stationary Press Brake but because it takes 3 guys to change out die sets and the need to do a lot of smaller jobs, the model 5060 fit perfect because of the cost and the fact it can do up to 10 gauge with ease and with a lot less time than with my large unit.”

Juan in Florida says . “Since the hurricanes our railing and fabrication business has been non-stop. Bending, cutting, and punching is an ongoing thing for us. We looked for equipment that would do the job efficiently that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.”

Nigel in the U.K. says “We are a custom bike fabricator and searched for a pipe and tube bender that could bend small to large tube or pipe economically and quickly. We have a jolly good time fabricating items that we couldn’t do until now. And the price was right Thanks Big Brute.”

Bob in Texas says “We looked high and low for a shear that could shear over 1/8th inch sheet metal 50” wide and had a budget to boot. We found it with the Gator Shear. We saved thousands compared to other machines.”