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Goliath Tumblers | Heavy-Duty Parts Tumblers

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Uniquely designed with an octagonal plate barrel to help you deburr, descale, burnish or radius your parts off of your burn tables. Big door to load and unload parts. Saves time from hand-grinding. Barrel sizes vary depending on load capacities.

Goliath Heavy Duty Parts Tumbler

Goliath Parts Tumbler Specifications
Model # Capacity Barrell Thickness Motor Length Height Width Weight
HDBT48 600 lbs 1/4" plate 2 H.P. 72" 40" 40" 1,600 lbs
HDBT58 1000 lbs 3/8" plate 5 H.P. 96" 60" 62" 3,000 lbs
HDBT68 2000 lbs 1/2" plate 7.5 H.P. 112" 90" 80" 4,200 lbs
Motor - 5 H.P. 220V single phase

Goliath Heavy Duty Parts Tumbler

Units are controlled with adjustable frequency drives and 24 hr. timer. Units come with Baldor or Leeson single-phase or 3-phase motors that are coupled with a heavy-duty gear box. You can also use many types of media to make a fine sinish or just to clean up your parts.

One Year Limited Warranty